Digital Realist Story Mode: The Story of a Music Producer

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Our hero, The Digital Realist, is placing his life in your hands! 
 is the amalgamation of the digital world and the real one where our hero uses music and art to tell a story. In the real world, he is a self-taught music producer and cartoonist with the hopes of building a career off his talents. 
In the digital world, we're creating an exciting music concept album. The album is driven and engaging with music incorporating different genres of EDMHouse, Disco, Trance, Dubstep, Chill, Tropical House, Glitch Hop, Trap, Drum and Bass, and includes melodies from the 1700s.

Coexisting with the album is a comic that tells the origin story of a music producer and his search for "M", an enchanting spirit that seems to follow and lure our hero through mystical worlds influenced by electronic dance music. 

Where do you come in? You're actions can change the story in the real world and the digital! As a patron, you'll have access to the development of each and every song and story. You'll also be able to watch our hero's day-to-day activities through his eyes on social media in real time! 

Here are our prospective goals to get the momentum going:

  • laptop
  • wireless midi controller
  • mixing and mastering
  • booking, touring, and travel (to perform the songs, of course)
  • digital distribution
  • merchandise manufacturing
  • music videos (In an effort to reach a larger market).

Here's what you get...
• Unlimited downloads of music and artwork once it leaves the desk.
• Discounts to store merch on my website.
• Early access and discounts to tickets for live performances
• Viewing privileges to any web performances and recordings
• We'll draw you as a character of the story and appear in the comic
• Gifts and prizes just for contributing
• Co-producer credits (royalties, publishing rights, profit-sharing) 

Risks and challenges
Patreon primarily is a way to open up the path to dreams. Our hero dreams - creating epic music and epic music videos full time and playing at more live events. Meanwhile, producing a manga style comic. By supporting our hero, you're helping make the music, comics, and characters become real. The digital becoming real.

 Even $1 or so just to show support helps keep the lights on while I draw and practice. 

Now, you can enjoy watching, listening, and reading Digital Realist Story Mode as it's being made! You can be a part of the story!